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American Beauty Scene 41

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Scene 41

Scene 41

  • When Ricky and Jane get to Ricky's house, Ricky's mom is sitting in the dining room, basically catatonic.
  • Ricky tries to introduce Jane.
  • Mrs. Fitts apologizes for the way things look around there… whatever that means, since the house is spotless.
  • Ricky shows Jane his father's study, which has a bunch of guns.
  • He unlocks the cabinet, and shows her a plate with a swastika on the back.
  • According to Ricky, it's a piece of official state china for the Third Reich—and his father belongs to a group of people who collect such things. Jane is horrified.
  • Ricky then asks if she wants to see the most beautiful thing he's ever filmed. Let's hope it's not more dead birds…

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