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American Beauty Scene 44

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Scene 44

Scene 44

  • Carolyn wants to talk to Jane, who's locked in her room.
  • Jane resists but eventually lets her in. Carolyn tries to talk to Jane about what happened that night, and Jane calls them both freaks.
  • Carolyn is hurt that she's included in that category. Jane is sheepish.
  • Carolyn tries to have a heart-to-heart with Janie, but she isn't into it—and Carolyn ends up slapping her.
  • When Jane goes to the window, she realizes Ricky is watching/filming her. She goes to the window. She waves, and then removes all her clothes from the waist up. Her image is projected on the television behind Ricky.
  • Then, Ricky's dad suddenly barges into his room. Jane hides herself behind a curtain and watches what's happening.
  • Frank is mad and hitting Ricky, apparently mad because he found out that Ricky had opened the cabinet with his guns/memorabilia.
  • Ricky explains he wanted to show his girlfriend the Nazi plate.
  • Frank seems less angry after that explanation and seems to feel bad about what happened, but he defends his attempts to discipline Ricky.
  • Ricky asks Frank not to give up on him.

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