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American Beauty Scene 47

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Scene 47

Scene 47

  • We see Jane through Ricky's viewfinder. They are in the same room hanging out.
  • Ricky compliments her. It appears they've just been having sex, as Ricky is naked.
  • She wants to know what being in the hospital was like, and Ricky gives Jane some background on how he ended up there.
  • They also talk about Ricky's relationship with his dad.
  • Jane says Ricky must hate his dad, but Ricky says his dad isn't a bad man.
  • Jane says she hates her dad. Ricky asks why.
  • As she puffs on a joint, Jane points to Lester's gross crush on Angela.
  • Suddenly the video is back at the moment from the very beginning of the movie, when Ricky offers to kill her dad for her.
  • They talk about how Jane would pay him to do that. Ricky then turns off the camera, and Jane asks if he knows she's not serious.
  • He says, "Of course"… but he says it creepily. He tells her they're lucky to have found each other.

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