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American Beauty Scene 48

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Scene 48

Scene 48

  • We're flying over the neighborhood again with Voiceover Lester, who asks if we remember the posters that say, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
  • He says that the saying is true of every day… except the day you die.
  • So, it seems we've come to the moment we've known was coming the entire movie.
  • Back on the ground, we see that real-life Lester is running—and he's gotten a lot better at it.
  • Now he's back at home making a smoothie, and Jane is staring at him, judging his chipperness.
  • Carolyn rushes in and wants Jane to hurry to get ready to leave, as she has an important appointment.
  • Jane asks if Angela can sleep over, and Carolyn says yes—and said she was wondering why Angela hadn't been over lately.
  • When Carolyn scoots out, Jane tells Lester that she hasn't been inviting Angela over because of his creepy behavior toward her.
  • Lester gets mad and tells Jane she's going to end up being a "b****" like Carolyn. Jane gets understandably upset and runs out.

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