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American Beauty Scene 56

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Scene 56

Scene 56

  • From his house, Ricky's dad is spying on Ricky and Lester through the window to Lester's garage.
  • Ricky sits down to roll a joint for Lester, but from Frank's vantage point, it looks like Ricky is performing oral sex on Lester.
  • He watches Jane and Angela drive up, and how quickly Lester and Ricky collect themselves and attempt to cover up whatever they were doing.
  • Jane and Angela rush into the house out of the rain and find Lester in the kitchen.
  • Angela tries to get Lester's attention, and Jane is disgusted and leaves.
  • Lester ignores Angela at first (probably thinking about his conversation with Jane from that morning), but when she touches his arm, he flirts back, asking if she likes muscles. She seems to get freaked out and scurries away.

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