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American Beauty Scene 57

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Scene 57

Scene 57

  • Ricky is back in his room, where Frank is waiting.
  • He thinks that Lester has given him money for sexual favors, and he's not happy. He hits Ricky, saying he'd rather Ricky were dead than be "a faggot."
  • Ricky is on the floor. Even though it's not true, Ricky pretends to cop to the accusations and acts unashamed.
  • Frank tells him to get out and that he never wants to see him again. They are both emotional and crying.
  • Ricky goes downstairs and his mother is standing there. He says he's leaving.
  • She's holding a plate, which appears to be the same Nazi plate Ricky had shown Jane. She tells him to wear a raincoat. He says he wishes things had been better for her, and tells her to take care of his dad.

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