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American Beauty Scene 60

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Scene 60

Scene 60

  • Now we get a POV shot of someone walking toward Lester's garage, where Lester is exercising. It turns out it's Frank.
  • Lester sees Frank through the window and opens the garage door. He sees that Frank is soaked, and offers to go get Ricky.
  • Frank wants to know where his wife is. Lester says his wife is out probably having sex with Buddy Kane, and he says he doesn't care.
  • Frank seems confused by that response, and just generally kind of bewildered and sad.
  • Lester goes on and says their marriage is for show. They appear normal, but they're anything but.
  • Naturally, this is all confirming Frank's mistaken impression of Lester's sexual orientation.
  • Frank is now shaking, and Lester offers to get him out of his wet clothes.
  • Frank then starts crying, and Lester, who's trying to be gentle and sensitive, tells Frank to just tell him what he needs.
  • Lester hugs him and lets him cry. Frank then digs his fingers into Lester's back and kisses him.
  • Lester gently pushes him off and apologizes, saying that Frank has gotten the wrong idea.
  • Frank looks heartbroken and leaves.

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