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American Beauty Scene 62

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Scene 62

Scene 62

  • Lester is getting a beer from the fridge.
  • He goes into the living room and finds Angela there alone listening to music.
  • He asks if she had a bad night.
  • She says not bad, but strange. He says it couldn't be stranger than his.
  • Angela then explains that she and Jane had a fight—about the fact that Angela thinks he's sexy. Lester offers her a sip of beer.
  • They walk to each other. Lester puts his arms around Angela and asks what she wants. She says she doesn't know.
  • She asks him the same thing, and he says he wants her. He says she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.
  • She clearly needs to hear that, and wants to hear that he doesn't think she's ordinary.
  • He says she couldn't be ordinary if she tried. She says there's nothing worse than being ordinary.

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