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American Beauty Scene 68

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Scene 68

Scene 68

  • Angela and Lester are now in the kitchen, where Lester has fixed her something to eat. She says she feels better.
  • Lester asks how Jane is—you know, happy? Miserable?
  • Angela says she's really happy, and rolls her eyes when telling Lester that Jane thinks she's in love.
  • Lester smiles about that, though.
  • Angela asks how he is.
  • He's taken aback, remarking that it's been a long time since anyone asked. He says, "I'm great."
  • Angela smiles and says she has to go to the bathroom and toddles away.
  • Lester is left alone pondering the fact that he actually feels great, and he repeats that word to himself.
  • He walks over to a photograph of the family in happier times, picks it up, and sits down at the table to look at it.
  • The sound of the rain gets loud as he stares at the photo.
  • A gun sneaks into the frame behind his head, and the camera pans over to the wall. Suddenly, we hear a gunshot, and blood sprays on the wall.

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