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American Beauty Scene 70

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Scene 70

Scene 70

  • Now we head into a montage of shots; Voiceover Lester is back.
  • He says that life does flash before your eyes when you're about to die, but it's not just a second—it goes on and on.
  • He describes what he saw in that moment, and we get to see a few examples.
  • Intercut through these moments, we see where everyone—Angela, Jane, and Ricky—was when Lester was shot.
  • We also see Frank Fitts returning home to his house, covered in blood. It seems that he was the killer.
  • We also see that image of the plastic bag, and Voiceover Lester echoes Ricky's comments from earlier about how much beauty there is in the world.
  • Then we're flying over the neighborhood again, and VO Lester says that the audience probably doesn't have any idea what he's been babbling on about, but not to worry…they will.

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