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An American in Paris Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Milo's hotel room is just as swanky as her car. Jerry's impressed and wants to know if it's her husband who's rich or her father's who's rich because obviously women are incapable of making their own money. Weren't the 1950s adorable?
  • Milo says her dad's a titan of the suntan lotion industry, and then she coughs up the dough for the paintings.
  • Milo really likes Jerry's art. She's seen a lot of paintings by a lot of young artists, but Jerry's? She thinks they're dope.
  • Then Milo says she's having a small party in her hotel room tonight and invites Jerry. Nothing formal. There's going to be an extra girl there, and Jerry could be her date. Jerry agrees to attend.
  • Then she tells Jerry that her driver can give him a ride home; her driver doesn't have anything else to do. Which makes sense since, you know, driving Milo around is his job. Jerry accepts that offer, too.
  • Cut to Jerry rolling into his neighborhood in style. A bunch of the neighborhood kids run alongside the car, calling his name and excitedly screaming like a squad of pint-sized Secret Service agents hopped up on sugar.
  • The car stops in front of Jerry's building as Adam looks on in surprise. Jerry gets out and is swarmed by kids demanding bubble gum. He's fresh out of gum, so they ask him to teach them some English. He rattles off some English words, and the kids repeat them after him.
  • Then Jerry launches into a singing-and-dancing rendition of "I Got Rhythm" in front of a flower stand, with the kids providing the I Got's. The kids think it's awesome. So do we. Seriously, if our French teacher would've incorporated more singing and dancing, we would've gotten much better grades in French class and grown up with a lot moreā€¦je ne sais quoi.

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