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An American in Paris Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Jerry's having breakfast at a café. He calls Lise at the perfume shop where she works. She's not stoked to hear from him and tells him to never call her again.
  • Jerry returns to his coffee. Just then, Milo shows up. Jerry's surprised to see her.
  • Milo tells Jerry she's been doing work on his behalf all morning, talking him and his artwork up to all sorts of important art world big-shots.
  • They make plans to have lunch, and Milo apologizes for her behavior last night. She says she must've been tired. Yeah, that's it. Tired.
  • Jerry goes to the perfume shop. This guy just won't take "no" for an answer.
  • Lise tries to pass Jerry off to another sales associate. It doesn't work.
  • Jerry helps Lise make a perfume sale. He's pretty impressed with himself.
  • Jerry asks Lise out. She says no. Jerry's not trying to hear that.
  • He turns on the charm and breaks her down in about ninety seconds, at which point Lise happily agrees to a date. Well, that was quick.
  • Lise suggests that they go to lunch. Jerry says he can't—remember Milo?—and suggests dinner. Lise says she can't; she has dinner plans.
  • Jerry and Lise agree to meet after dinner, at 9 o'clock. Jerry's giddy, and he leaves Lise giggling behind the perfume counter.
  • After Jerry exits, Lise stops laughing immediately. Homegirl's got a real Jekyll and Hyde thing going on, emotions-wise.
  • Back in his apartment, Adam's at the piano, hard at work.
  • Jerry returns and starts singing along with Adam. Adam tells him to disappear. The thing is, Jerry's so happy about his date with Lise that he can't stop singing.
  • Also, as his pursuit of Lise proves, Jerry stinks at respecting other people's personal space.
  • Adam gives in and accompanies Jerry as he blissfully sings "Tra-La-La (This Time It's Really Love)" and tap dances all over the apartment, including on top of Adam's piano.
  • Jerry's got it bad, and—based on Lise's stone-faced reaction after her left her shop—that ain't good.

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