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An American in Paris Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Cut to Lise and Henri having dinner. Adam calls. He wants to know when the new number is going into the show. Henri tells him it's tonight. Lise is surprised, but says she'll be there to see Henri perform.
  • Cut to Jerry, waiting on the street. Lise arrives, and they grab an outdoor table at a nearby café. Almost immediately, Lise asks if it's okay if they leave, and they go for a walk along the banks of the River Seine.
  • Jerry tells Lise that he's a painter, and one day he'll be famous. He concedes that that day may be way, way off.
  • He also notes that it was kind of weird that Lise wanted to skedaddle from the café like the police were after her, but says that's her business.
  • Jerry and Lise sit by the river. He starts hitting on her big-time. He tells her she's pretty, and she's surprised. Actually, she thinks he's making fun of her.
  • Jerry assures Lise he's not making fun of her, and then he launches into "Our Love Is Here to Stay," and they dance along the river.
  • They share a chaste smooch on the banks of the Seine. On a scale of 1 to 10, the whole thing hits about an 11 on the Movie Romance Scale.
  • Suddenly, Lise demands to know what time it is. It's 11:00. She says she has to go, pronto. Jerry says he has to see her again, pronto.
  • Lise runs off, but not before they share another kiss and make plans to meet on Saturday.

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