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An American in Paris Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back on the banks of the Seine, Jerry rushes down to meet Lise. He's giddy. He says he has something to tell her, and she says she has something to tell him, too. Here we go.
  • Jerry tells Lise he's in love with her. Lise tells Jerry she's getting married to Henri. It doesn't matter if she loves Jerry; she practically owes Henri her life. He saved her after the war, and, over time, they grew to love each other.
  • Jerry's crushed, but says that it's cool. Plus, he doesn't want to lose Milo. Yeah, right.
  • As Jerry leaves, Lise tells him that she loves him, too. You know, if that means anything.
  • Jerry says "goodbye" and leaves.
  • Cut to Milo's hotel room. Jerry shows up and asks Milo what she's up to tonight, and she says she has a dinner date.
  • He tells her to break it, tells her she's a total babe, and kisses her. Say what now?
  • Milo practically melts into a puddle right there in her hotel room and says she'll break her date.
  • Jerry's going to take her to the art students' ball. It's always a great party. It's also a costume party, but Milo doesn't need to worry. He'll take care of everything.
  • Milo says she feels like a woman for a change. Jerry touches her face and tells her to get used to it.

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