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An American in Paris Power

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When you hear "Paris," what do you think of? The Eiffel Tower? Croissants? An endless sea of berets? In An American in Paris, the City of Light is also the City of Epic Power Struggles. Whether it's Milo's suntan lotion lucre, Jerry's charm, or Lise's mysterious allure, each character has their own source of power, and each uses it to get what they want. Sometimes, these power-plays work, like when Jerry uses his tireless charisma to win over Lise. Other times, they backfire; just ask Milo. No matter what happens, none of the movie's main characters are above flexing their manipulative muscles in order to further their own agendas in France.

Questions About Power

  1. Is Jerry in denial about Milo's true intentions? At what point does Jerry know that Milo's after more than just his paintings?
  2. What power does Lise hold over Jerry?
  3. If Jerry had money, how would it affect his painting? What about if Adam were loaded? Would that change his music career?

Chew on This

She may try to pass herself off as a benevolent sponsor, but Milo was never, ever interested in Jerry's artwork.

What Milo desires most is the one thing her money can't buy: love.

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