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Annie Hall Fandoms

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Menswear in the Mainstream

When Annie Hall hit movie theaters, Annie's mismatched menswear look started an honest-to-goodness fashion craze. Annie fans were all about bowler hats, blazers, baggy pants, and ties. Simply put, the androgynous "Annie Hall look" was a hit with the ladies.

Most of the clothes actually belonged to actress Diane Keaton herself, and costume designer Ruth Morley purportedly tried to talk Keaton out of her fashion choices, claiming that she looked cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Fortunately, Keaton stuck to her guns (and her tie, and her men's pants).

Annie Hall's fashion was groundbreaking because it let Annie's personality take center stage. "In an era characterized by metallic hot pants and polyester bellbottoms, the boots, vests, and bowler hats that comprise the Annie Hall style stood as a rejection of gender-normative fashion," explains The Boston Globe's Steph Hiltz. "Her sexuality is cloaked by layers of tweed and buttoned-up shirts, but her charm and coy confidence make it work…"

In other words, Annie didn't need to flaunt her bod to attract the lads; she just had to show off her charisma. She was a sartorial breath of fresh air.

The Woody-Wide Web

While we can't claim Woody Allen has ever started a fashion revolution, the director, co-writer, and star of Annie Hall has maintained a monstrous fan following throughout his filmmaking career, which spans over fifty years and almost as many films.

For Allen acolytes, two websites are a must: his official website, which presents a slim, streamlined look at what he's working on now, and The Woody Allen Pages, a thoroughly comprehensive fan site that contains almost everything you always wanted to know about the Brooklyn-born auteur.

Author! Author!

If good ol' fashioned books are more your thing, fear not: Both of the film's stars have produced enough pages to keep fans' bookshelves stocked. Allen's written four best-selling collections of short stories: Getting Even (1971), Without Feathers (1975), Side Effects (1980), and Mere Anarchy (2007). Several of his plays have also been rounded up in print.

Not to be outdone, Keaton released a best-selling memoir, Then Again, in 2011 that looks back on her life, relationships (including one with Allen), and career. In 2014, she dropped another bestseller, Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty, which examines the importance of aging gracefully and staying true to yourself. (Psst: The secret is wearing menswear.)

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