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Annie Hall Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Alvy and Annie walk down the street, fighting. He thinks she's having an affair with one of her professors. She says she's not and reminds him that he's the dude who didn't want to make a commitment.
  • Then she repeats her belief that Alvy doesn't think she's smart enough and asks him if he remembers that fight they had about it a month ago.
  • Flashback to that fight they had about it a month ago. Alvy's hanging out at the lobster house when Annie comes home from her first appointment with a therapist. It was really productive.
  • Annie believes Alvy doesn't think she's smart enough for him. Alvy reiterates the fact that he thinks adult education is awesome and the professors are interesting.
  • Cut back to the street scene: Alvy says he thinks adult education stinks and the professors are phonies. Annie leaves in a cab.
  • Alvy breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience, wanting to know why Annie's cooled off toward him. Then he starts asking passersby on the street about his and Annie's relationship.
  • He confesses to a police horse that he's always been weird about women, even when he was a kid. When he saw Snow White, for example, he fell head-over-heels for the Wicked Queen.
  • Cut to an animated Alvy talking to the equally animated Wicked Queen from Snow White. The Wicked Queen has Annie's voice, and she and Alvy argue. She thinks they never have fun anymore. He thinks she's just upset, and she must be getting her period. D'oh.
  • An animated version of Rob drops in and tells Alvy to forget Annie; he knows tons of other women Alvy could date. Like Pam, a reporter for Rolling Stone, for example. Alvy says thanks, but no thanks: He doesn't want to see other women.

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