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Annie Hall Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Alvy and Pam are backstage at an event featuring the Maharishi.
  • Alvy's openly hostile, mocking Pam as she gushes about Bob Dylan and says she thinks the Maharishi is God. If she notices Alvy's sarcasm, she doesn't seem to mind.
  • Still, they end up in bed together at Alvy's pad. So much for not wanting to see other women.
  • Annie calls. There's an emergency. Alvy leaves. Peace out, Pam.
  • Alvy arrives at Annie's. So what's the big emergency? There's a huge spider in the bathroom.
  • Alvy notices a program from a rock concert, and gets mad. He tells Annie she should've called Concert Guy to come help her with the spider business going down in her bathroom.
  • All the while, he's standing in front of a series of photos that Annie took of him with the lobsters back in happier times.
  • After Alvy kills the spider with a tennis racket, he finds Annie crying on her bed. She misses him. They smooch it up.
  • Then she asks him if there was someone in his room when she called. Ruh roh.
  • He lies and says no. Then they go to bed together.
  • Annie suggests going away for the weekend, and they make plans for Rob and Alvy to show Annie around their old stomping grounds: Brooklyn. And just like that, they're back together.

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