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Annie Hall Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Annie, Alvy, and Rob drive out to Coney Island, and Alvy shows Annie the house where he grew up.
  • Flashback: Alvy's parents are at home, fighting about the fact that his mom fired the cleaning lady. Present-day Alvy, Annie, and Rob observe and comment.
  • In another room, they watch a scene from a 1945 Welcome Home party for Alvy's cousin, Herbie.
  • Alvy points out his Aunt Tessie and his father's friend, Joey Nichols, a corny dude who used to bother Lil' Alvy with terrible "nickels" jokes when he was a kid.
  • Back at home, Alvy gives Annie lingerie for her birthday. She's none too enthused. Then he coughs up her real present: a watch that she wanted.
  • Cut to another nightclub. Annie's singing again, but this time everybody's giving her their full attention as she sings "Seems Like Old Times" in a sleek tuxedo jacket.
  • Later at the bar, Alvy tells Annie she was sensational, and that he knew if she stuck with it, she'd be a great singer.
  • Tony Lacey, a music producer, comes up with his entourage and introduces himself. He thought Annie was spectacular, too, and invites her and Alvy to a celebrity-filled party. Alvy reminds Annie that they had other plans. It's pretty obvious that they didn't have other plans.
  • We flash briefly to what looks like a scene from The Sorrow and the Pity—because four-hour documentaries about Nazis are way more fun than parties.

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