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Annie Hall Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Alvy and his BFF Rob walk down a New York City street, shooting the breeze. When the scene starts they're way off in the distance. Seriously; they're so far away that it's hard to pick them out initially.
  • Alvy complains to Rob about a couple of recent incidents where he felt like he was being treated differently because he's Jewish. Rob tells him he's overreacting, and that they should blow this popsicle stand and move to California. That's where all of show business is anyway. Lights! Cameras! In-N-Out Burger!
  • Alvy says nope. Rob can keep bringing it up, but California just isn't his bag.
  • And that's our introduction to Rob. He has a perm to rival Mike Brady's, and he calls Alvy "Max" for some reason.

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