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Annie Hall Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Alvy and Rob are at an indoor tennis club. Alvy's discussing anti-Semitism, and Rob's once again making the case for moving to sunny California. You know, where they could play tennis outside.
  • On the court, Rob reintroduces Alvy to his lady-friend, Janet, and Janet introduces Alvy to Annie. Hey, this is the first time Annie and Alvy meet.
  • They play doubles: Rob and Annie vs. Alvy and Janet. Afterward, Annie awkwardly offers Alvy a ride home in her VW bug. She's an absolutely terrifying driver.
  • As they say goodbyes at the curb, Annie invites Alvy up for a glass of wine.
  • Alvy and Annie hang out in Annie's thoroughly messy apartment. It's not quite Hoarders-style, but it's close.
  • Annie shows off photos of her family, shares a thoroughly odd story about her dead, narcoleptic great-uncle, and tells Alvy about her Grammy Hall's anti-Semitism. Cool stories, Annie.
  • Up on the rooftop, the conversation turns to photography, and Alvy and Annie are both subtitled: not with what they're saying, but with what they're thinking. They're both worried that the other one thinks they're a doofus.
  • Alvy asks Annie if she wants to go out Saturday night. She can't because she's singing.
  • Cut to Annie singing "It Had to Be You" at a nightclub. The crowd isn't paying attention, and the phone's ringing off the hook, but she sounds pretty good. And—look at that—Alvy's there.
  • Afterwards, Annie thinks she was awful, but Alvy reassures her that she has a great voice.
  • Then, as they're barreling down the street, he stops her and says they should get their first kiss over with. You know, cut the tension.
  • They share a quick kiss and then continue on to dinner.
  • After a quick scene at a diner, where Annie recaps Alvy's two previous marriages, we cut to Alvy and Annie in bed after sex. Rave reviews all around.
  • Annie lights a joint, and Alvy says that drugs aren't his jam.

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