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Annie Hall Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Alvy and Annie are perusing the stacks at a bookstore. He tells her he wants to buy her some new books. Surprise—they're all about death.
  • Alvy explains that he has a very pessimistic view of life, and he thinks she should know that—you know, just in case the death books didn't make that clear. But, he thinks they should feel lucky to be miserable because it could always be worse.
  • Then Alvy and Annie sit on a park bench making up silly backstories for strangers passing by.
  • Literary cameo alert: When Alvy says that a guy going by looks like the winner of a Truman Capote look-alike contest, it actually is Truman Capote. Good eye, Mr. Singer.
  • Later, as Alvy and Annie stand in front of the river, he tells Annie that she's great in bed and asks her if she loves him. She says she does.
  • Then Annie asks Alvy if he loves her. He does.
  • Well, actually, Alvy says "love" isn't a strong enough word. He "lurves" her. He "loaves" her. He "luffs" her.

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