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Annie Hall Contrasting Regions

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Contrasting Regions

Gotham. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. No matter what you call it, the city of New York is practically a character in Annie Hall.

It's also a huge part of Alvy's identity. In Alvy's eyes, there's New York, and then there's everywhere else. He routinely mocks Annie's Midwestern upbringing in wholesome Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. When he drags himself out to Los Angeles for a TV appearance, its people and places are presented as shallow buffoons.

He detests L.A. and its superficiality so much that it makes him want to barf. Literally. So when Annie chooses Tony and Los Angeles over Alvy and New York, that's the ultimate betrayal. It's a suntanned slap in the face. New York isn't just Alvy's hometown; it's his personality.

Questions About Contrasting Regions

  1. Alvy's complaints about Los Angeles are often rooted in stereotype. List at least five stereotypes about La La Land that Alvy's criticisms employ.
  2. Do you think Alvy really gets sick whenever he visits Los Angeles? Why or why not?
  3. How does being a New Yorker inform Alvy's sense of self? Hook us up with some specific examples.

Chew on This

New York City is the great love of Alvy's life.

Alvy is more hurt by Annie's rejection of New York than he is by her rejection of him.

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