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Apocalypse Now Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Eye of the Tiger

  • Back on the boat, Willard says that the crew wants the war to end. But he's been to America and says that the home they used to have there doesn't exist anymore.
  • Willard, via voiceover, ruminates about Kilgore and Kurtz—if Kilgore conducts the war with such total brutality, what do they have against Kurtz?
  • The crew sits around, camped on the riverbank at twilight. Chef and Willard walk into the jungle together, looking to gather some mangoes.
  • Chef explains he's called "Chef" because he used to be a real chef and tells Willard about his career.
  • Suddenly, they realize something's up. Birds and animals sound scared.
  • A tiger leaps out of the bush, and they yell and run, firing at it. We don't know if they hit it or not.
  • Chef freaks out, having a little break down and raving about how he just wants to cook and doesn't want to see tigers and all this vicious stuff.
  • At night, Willard talks more about Kurtz's career on voiceover, explaining that he applied three times for a special assignment before they let him have it.
  • Without any clearance from his commanding officers, Kurtz once made a major strategic decision that turned out OK in the end.
  • They had to promote him to Colonel.

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