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Apocalypse Now Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Riding the Invisible Pony

  • Heading upriver, they wander into the middle of preparations for a big U.S.O. show at a place called Hau Phat.
  • Chef tries to buy pot from a soldier, who says he'll help him out. When the soldier tries to charge the crew money for accommodating them, Willard grabs him and threatens him. The huckster relents and then gives Willard a free bottle of booze.
  • As soldiers go back to the newly assembled amphitheater for the show, a helicopter arrives. It turns out it's full of Playboy Playmates, there to entertain the soldiers.
  • The playmates dance around as the soldiers cheer. A band plays. One of the Playmates pretends to ride an invisible pony, and the others dance suggestively with guns.
  • Hey, you take a bunch of sex-starved guys hopped up on drugs and out of their minds from the war—what could possibly go wrong?
  • The soldiers start rushing the stage and groping the women. The Playmates freak out and run back to the helicopter.
  • Willard quietly observes all this from off to the side.
  • As the Playmates' helicopter is taking off, two soldiers grab onto the skids of the helicopter but fall into the water as it ascends.

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