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The Artist Change

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ZIMMER: Don't laugh, George! That's the future.

GEORGE: If that's the future, you can have it!

There's a specific focus on the Exit sign above the door in this scene, and when George leaves through that door, there's a foreboding feeling that he might be exiting the movie biz for good.

ZIMMER: You and I belong to another era, George. The world is talking now. […] I wish it wasn't like this, but the public wants fresh meat, and the public is never wrong.

GEORGE: I'm the one people come to see. They never needed to hear me!

The public sure is brutal, cannibalizing all these entertainers, always jonesing for the next big thing…

PEPPY: Out with the old, in with the new. Make way for the young!

In what becomes a kind of mantra of the era, Peppy betrays her own self-absorption.

GEORGE: How long has it been since I last paid you, Clifton?

CLIFTON: One year, sir.

GEORGE: You're fired…keep the car and find yourself another job.

CLIFTON: I don't want another job.

The times they are a changin', but Clifton is that dude that always stays the same. He's unfazed by George's new poverty and he can't imagine working for anyone else.

AUCTIONEER: Congratulations! It's all sold. You've got nothing left!

Wow. Nice one, Mr. Auction guy. Way to congratulate George on his biggest fear: being destitute.

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