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The Artist Competition

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EXTRAS COORDINATOR: Listen up! Three girls who can dance!

Peppy ends up acing her audition, but she waits just a hair longer than the other girls to start dancing and in doing so catches the eye of the coordinator. Take that, competition!

PEPPY: What a coincidence, I was just thinking about you. I signed with Kinograph!

GEORGE: (Smiles wistfully)

PEPPY: Maybe now we'll do another picture together!

In our section on the theme of "Change" in The Artist, we mentioned a scene with a staircase. This is that scene, where Peppy's going up as George is going down, and they're both realizing that their "picture together" just isn't meant to be.

INTERVIEWER: Your movie doesn't come out until tomorrow and you're already Hollywood's new sweetheart! How do you explain that?

PEPPY: I don't know. Maybe because I talk and the audience can hear me…People are tired of old actors mugging at the camera to be understood.

It's true that while George's film draws about three people, Peppy's has a huge marquee and a line around the block. But does Peppy truly believe what she's saying? Has the fame gone to her head? Or is she just playing the press like a hand of cards?

PEPPY: Out with the old, in with the new. Make way for the young!

GEORGE: I've made way for you.

It's true, he has. George could have had security remove Peppy at the premiere when she bumped into him, but he let her share the red carpet with him. He also talked Zimmer into letting her stay on set and invented her beauty mark.

PEPPY: I feel so bad. I only wanted to help you, take care of you…

Peppy always means well, but to George's credit, the last thing you want from your competitor is pity.

PEPPY: Just think of it! Sparkle of Love, starring George Valentin and Peppy Miller!

Whereas George's film disaster, Tears of Love, debuted to a gloomy rain storm, Peppy's proposed film is much like the pennies that rain from heaven for her, or the "sparkle" of her and George's budding romance and the promise of a new career on film together.

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