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The Artist Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • This is where things get a little weird.
  • At his dressing table, George takes a sip of water and puts down the glass. "Clink!" He drops his comb. "Ting!"
  • The sounds of the street float in through the window.
  • Everything around him begins to make sounds, and it's obvious George can hear them because he looks paranoid and afraid, as if he's suddenly on an alien planet.
  • For some reason, when George tries to speak, no sound comes out of his mouth. This seems important.
  • As George tries in vain to utter a word, he gets more and more worked up. The camera shakes and the scene is filmed with diagonal framing.
  • Poor George. His dog barks, the telephone rings, and when he busts outside, there are several actresses giggling audibly. Wait, are they laughing at him?
  • A single black feather falls gently to the ground and makes a giant "Boom!" when it lands. George covers his ears and screams (silently, of course) in horror.
  • Then he wakes up. It's all been a dream. Classic.

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