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The Artist Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Cut to George, as Zorro, in a much poorer-quality film. He jumps skillfully over a stone wall and hides under a bush, flashing his beautiful smile.
  • Real-life George sits silently in the dark, watching his former self execute daring feats on the projector screen.
  • As he spots his shadow, George scoffs. "Look what's become of you," he snarls. "You've been stupid, you've been proud."
  • His shadow takes off and George descends into a drunken freakout, pushing over the projector and tearing apart all his film reels.
  • With the wreckage of his career lying at his feet, George lights a match and sets the whole thing ablaze. Yikes!
  • George clutches his film remaining film reel as the flames surround him.
  • His dog, who's the best, busts his way outta there and sprints down the sidewalk in search of help.
  • He finds a policeman and uses his stage tricks ("play dead!") to communicate the situation.
  • The policeman chases the dog back to George's home, which is now billowing smoke and gathering a crowd.
  • He drags George's limp body from the burning house.
  • One woman in the crowd recognizes him as the famous George Valentin.
  • It seems like George might be dead, but he's still clinging to the film reel.
  • The policeman takes his pulse. Phew. He's just passed out from smoke inhalation.

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