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The Artist Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Peppy's on set and looking glam in a glittery peacockish dress and a sparkly bonnet.
  • She's alarmed to see George's picture next to a newspaper article titled "Silent Film Actor Survives Fire."
  • Distraught, she abandons filming and drives to the hospital to visit George.
  • This is a beautiful hospital that looks like a palace or a grand manor.
  • Peppy runs up stairs and down hallways to get to George's room. The music swells.
  • She sees George though the window and pauses, tears in her eyes.
  • George and his dog are both sleeping like angels on a white cloud of sheets.
  • It's clear from the sympathetic smiles of the doctor and nurse that George is going to be okay.
  • "He's out of danger," says the doctor. "He needs rest now."
  • Peppy spots the smoke-stained film reel on the counter. The doctor explains that it was hard to get the reel from out of George's grasp.
  • Peppy unravels the reel and holds it up to the light. She sees that it's from the (first and only) film she and George acted in together.
  • "Do you think he could rest at my house?" She asks the doctor with a smile.

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