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The Artist Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Deafening applause from the audience. Seriously: deafening, because there's zero sound.
  • The actor, who we later learn is the fictional George Valentin (based on silent movie star Douglas Fairbanks), emerges from the wings to embrace his adoring public. He seems like a pretty big deal. A spotlight follows him and his dog as it performs various tricks, wagging its way into the hearts of one and all.
  • After he toys with her a bit, he invites his co-star to join him on stage, but only briefly. She flips him the bird from the wings after he shoos her off. It's clear that Valentin is the true star of the show, and he likes it that way.
  • A sign backstage reads "Please be SILENT behind the screen."
  • John Goodman looks half-exasperated, half-charmed by the star of his film.
  • Still on stage, Valentin hams it up, throwing in some tap dancing and physical comedy for good measure, yelling "I love you so much!" to the audience. It's obviously mutual.

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