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The Artist Scene 31

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Scene 31

Scene 31

  • George takes his cigarette for a solemn and aimless walk through the streets.
  • He finds himself in front of the pawnshop and sees his old tux displayed in the window.
  • George's reflection in the mirror aligns with the tux so it looks like he's wearing it.
  • He smiles for a moment, enchanted by the ghostly image of his previous life.
  • A policeman stands next to George and begins chatting with him. It's hard to see what he's saying, and there are no intertitles.
  • George leans in—he's also having trouble understanding the policeman.
  • Closeup on the policeman's mouth, which is still moving wordlessly.
  • George begins to panic and rushes off.
  • Meanwhile, Peppy arrives at home with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Noticing George's abandoned bandages, she begins to worry.

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