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The Artist Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • The next scene opens on George and Peppy, dancing a tap duet in a wood-paneled room and having fun.
  • Zimmer is watching them from his desk, with his signature cigar. He leans forward, intrigued.
  • He stands up, pumping his fist in excitement. "Terrific!" he yells.
  • A chorus line of men in sharp suits with clapperboards fall away like dominoes to reveal George and Peppy tap dancing on stage.
  • The stage backdrop is fitted with shimmering stars and abstract, modernist-style buildings.
  • They twirl and tap and duet and solo, much in the style of another well-known dancing duo, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. George has that sparkle in his eye again.
  • Then, Peppy and George's grand finale—they run toward the camera and throw their hands out with big smiles.
  • Something's different all of a sudden. Oh—we can hear them breathing.
  • "CUT!" yells Zimmer's assistant. Everything seems to be in normal sound. It's almost as if we're watching a talkie.
  • "Perfect," declares Zimmer. "Beautiful. Can you give me just one more?"
  • And then, George speaks. For the first time in the entire film.
  • "With pleasure," he replies. His speaks with a heavy French accent. Oh—so is that why he didn't want to talk that whole time?
  • Peppy looks at him with love in her eyes. The assistants swarm them, getting the pair ready for their next scene.
  • The hustle and bustle of the studio set is communicated through the humming racket of people's voices. As the camera pans out, we see that this set is equipped with giant lights and cranes—it's more technologically advanced than the sets of George's early career.
  • "And roll sound, roll camera," the assistant yells, "and, ACTION!"
  • The end.

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