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The Artist Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Outside the theater now, a bright marquis fills the screen. A Russian Affair is the film, and George Valentin its star.
  • All this presented by Kinograph Studios, a play on real-life silent film production companies Biograph and Vitagraph, perhaps?
  • Valentin emerges from the theater into a sea of fans. Journalists toting portable microphones and Kodak Anastigmat cameras swarm him and a flock of young girls look excited enough to scream or pee.
  • This Valentin is like a swarthier, more charming Justin Bieber. He poses for photos and answers questions.
  • Suddenly, a pretty woman in the crowd drops her pocketbook at Valentin's feet. She weasels her way under the arm of the security guard and ends up face-to-face with Valentin in front of the cameras.
  • Every girl's dream, obviously!
  • The crowd is stunned. How dare she break the sacred barrier between the famous and the plebes? They look to Valentin to take their cue…
  • He laughs, she laughs, they all laugh and they pose together (as she gets braver, she glams it up).
  • She even smooches his cheek.

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