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The Artist Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • On set, everybody's getting ready to shoot the film. The producer, Al Zimmer (Goodman), is upset because with all the "nonsense" from the premiere, the papers don't mention the film "until page 5!"
  • George is distracted by a shapely pair of dancing legs, peeking out from underneath a backdrop on set. He begins to perform a tap duet with the disembodied legs, which soon turns into a dance off.
  • The legs are revealed to be a whole human woman—the one and only Peppy Miller.
  • George and Peppy are shocked to meet again face to face.
  • Zimmer yells at Peppy for making a scene at the premiere and tells her to get off set. George tells her to stay. Tensions run high.
  • George flashes his Chiclets and gets his way, as always.

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