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Avengers: Age of Ultron Meteors

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For a robot, Ultron can be a little obsessive. He's really into vibranium. He totally hates Iron Man. And he seems to have a thing for meteors:

Ultron: I think a lot about meteors, the purity of them. Boom! The end. Start again. The world made clean for the new man to rebuild.

Now, this is point in our show when we push our glasses further up the bridge of our nose, adjust our pocket protectors, clear our squeaky voice and explain that, really, Ultron is describing a meteorite here. That's a meteor that makes it through the Earth's atmosphere and makes a crash landing somewhere on the planet's surface.

It's cool, though, Ultron. You've got a lot on your circuits. We know what you meant.

Of course, we enjoy a cosmic cataclysm as much as the next person, but Ultron's interests seem a bit more strategic here. His plan is to direct a sequel to that first apocalyptic meteor strike that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Instead of T-Rex's, though, now he wants to take out us humans.

Sheesh—what did we ever do to him?

The quick answer: nothing. Ultron sees his meteor extinction plan as a kind of favor to us, a way to wipe the slate clean, determine who among us is most adaptable, and then start the human race all over again in the hopes that we do better than we did the first time around. The meteor, then, is a symbol for the kind of radical, evolutionary pressure that brought humans about in the first place.

Ultron's wants to bring that pressure to bear ASAP, and what better way to do that than by creating his very own—you guessed it—meteor? By launching a massive chunk of Sokovia into the sky, and hoping to drop it back down to Earth, Ultron's ultimate evil is really just a retread of what's come before.

Luckily, the Avengers get involved before history can repeat itself. Still, the meteor plot leaves us pondering. Is Ultron ultimately just trying to help us out here? What else, aside from a meteoric calamity, might cause humans to evolve quickly into more capable, more humane beings?

We're just going to leave those questions hanging—like a giant meteor over Sokovia.

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