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Avengers: Age of Ultron Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Captain America puts Strucker to sleep with a well-placed kick and the gang heads back to Avengers HQ. Hawkeye gets patched up and Tony Stark’s computer buddy Jarvis scans Loki’s scepter for clues.
  • It turns out that that scepter is housing some kind of advanced artificial intelligence. In Tony’s mind, this is just the thing to make “Ultron” a reality.
  • Great—so what’s an Ultron? We’re guessing we’ll find out more soon (it is in the movie title, after all), but a quick convo between non-Iron Man Tony and non-Hulk Bruce Banner suggests that Ultron is some kind of super-security protocol that can keep the Earth safe from aliens and the like, once and for all. Groovy.
  • It’s time for a montage, gang. The two most science-y Avengers try various high-tech ways to harness the power of this new intelligence, but can’t quite seem to get the interface to work.
  • One night, though, when all the superheroes are busy chilling at a party, J.A.R.V.I.S.—Iron Man’s virtual British butler—finally cracks the code. Yay.
  • Almost immediately after “waking up,” though, the computer program that is Ultron shuts Jarvis down. Boo. He (we’re just gonna go with “he” for now, based on the fact that Ultron is voiced by awesome and smug ‘80s movie villain James Spader) gets busy building himself a body out of discarded Iron Man suit parts, then crashes the Avengers’ party time with a group of reprogrammed Iron Legion droids. The best way to achieve peace, Ultron says, is to make the Avengers extinct. Sounds a bit extreme to us.
  • The Avengers smash up Ultron’s traitor bots, but not before one of them can grab Loki’s scepter and high-tail it out of there. Meanwhile, Ultron uploads himself onto the internet and flies the digital coop like the e-jerkface he is.

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