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Avengers: Age of Ultron Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The Avengers head to a super-duper-secret safe house: Hawkeye’s family home. Who knew?
  • They mope about for a while—that Maximoff mind manipulation really messed with their domes—but then Nick Fury turns up to put them back to work.
  • He’s been tracking Ultron’s moves, and it looks like he’s up to something: no good. Ultron’s been collecting vibranium from all over the world. But why?
  • Non-Hulk Bruce Banner notices a butterflying drawing done by one of Hawkeye’s kids, and guesses that Ultron is evolving, looking to use the vibranium to develop a super-android body that will allow him to end all humanity as we all know it. Eesh.
  • That’s a pretty good guess, as it turns out that he’s exactly right. (How Banner got all that from a kid’s picture, though, is a little beyond us.)
  • The Avengers re-assemble into their jet and take off to put a stop to Ultron’s evil plan.

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