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Avengers: Age of Ultron Religion

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10 PRINT "GOD" 20 GO TO 10 Yeah, we're not going to win any computer science or divinity studies awards any time soon, but the idea here is to think about the odd relationship between religion and technology. The two meet head-on in Age of Ultron, as embodied particularly in the form of a nine-foot robot with a penchant for quoting the Bible. What's up with that? Are we getting further away from the divine as we dive deeper into our iPhones? Or are we finding new ways to explore God's creation through the help of technology? These are some of the big questions the film's got on its mind, and you don't need a dot matrix printer to read them.

Questions About Religion

  • Why does Ultron keep quoting the Bible?
  • Which does Ultron see as more powerful: religion or evolution? How can you tell?
  • Does Ultron see himself as God? How can you tell?
  • How is Ultron's quest to improve humanity like a religious movement? How is it different?

Chew on This

He's not really interested in "saving" humanity. Ultron's just got a God complex, pure and simple.

By judging and trying to punish humanity, Ultron's essentially re-enacting the central role of God in the Christian religion.

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