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Back to the Future Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Once inside the school, Marty points out his father. Yep, the guy with the "Kick me" sign on his back.
  • Hey, it's Strickland! Apparently, this guy lives to get up in the McFlys' faces.
  • As George is down on the ground, picking up his books following his latest bullying encounter Marty reintroduces himself, reminds him that he saved his freakin' life, and plants the seed that there's someone he wants him to meet…
  • George, meet Lorraine. Except Lorraine is way more interested in her new crush than she is in the dweeby guy with glasses and a haircut only a mother could love.
  • So: new plan. The Enchantment Under the Sea dance is coming up, and the idea is to get George and Lorraine to go together, come hell or high water.

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