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Back to the Future Scene 47

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Scene 47

Scene 47

  • The music's picking up, so it must be just about lightning time. Doc gives Marty the rundown (they couldn't have gone over this stuff earlier?) and then they hug and say their good-byes.
  • What a time to check your jacket pocket. Doc discovers the note Marty left there, and rips it up in front of him.
  • Oops. A perfectly-timed-for-maximum-dramatic-effect tree branch breaks and falls, landing directly on one of Doc's wires and unplugs something or other at the top of the clock tower.
  • Doc runs up to the top of the tower, throws a rope down to Marty, and is able to pull up the wires, but they're losing valuable minutes.
  • After sliding across the hood of the DeLorean, Marty jumps inside and hightails it out of there.

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