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Back to the Future Transformation

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Few characters in Hollywood history have undergone such a complete personality makeover as Biff Tannen, who goes from pushy meathead to whimpering whipping boy. Or George McFly, who emerges from his chrysalis a sci-fi writing butterfly.

Marty, meanwhile, hasn't given up those stylish suspenders of his. But while he may not have seen a physical transformation (with the possible exception of that bad case of bed-head), he's certainly come out of the whole experience a changed man.

Questions About Transformation

  1. Could minor events in our lives be drastically affecting the person we will eventually become, as in the case of 1955 George and Lorraine?
  2. Of Marty, Doc, George, Lorraine and Biff, which character undergoes the greatest transformation throughout the course of the film, and why?
  3. What's more impressive/interesting—George's physical transformation, or his mental/emotional one?
  4. Name a minor character whose life was touched by Marty in 1955, and how they might have been transformed as well.

Chew on This

We are in such constant states of transformation that we might not even be friends with our future selves.

It is easier to achieve true transformation in your life when you are young than after you've lived half your life.

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