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Batman Art and Fashion

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Art and Fashion

Maybe He's Born With It?

You'd think a man who leaves the house looking like a clown every day would be a bit more respectful of the makeup industry. Sure, Joker looks like a clown, but he wears flesh-colored makeup to try and look normal again when he goes out in public.

But Joker sabotages Gotham's makeup supply—a diabolical plot if we've ever heard one. He does it to cause panic in the city. Joker sees art in anarchy, and beauty in destruction. That is why he doesn't like traditional fashion magazines, calling Vicki's Vogue shoots "crap."

Instead he wants to set the world on fire and watch it burn. Joker lusts after beautiful women—like Sugar Bumps and Vicki Vale—but he also wants to destroy them and see the beauty in their deaths. When most of Joker's victims are women, it's hard to ignore the misogyny of his crimes. He hurts and kills people, mostly women, and laughs about it.

Hmm, kind of sounds like the fashion industry to us. He'll fit right in.

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