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They Love a Parade

We're lumping all the so-called good guys into one section because they're so ineffective, they don't deserve more. If these law enforcers and legislators were better at their jobs, Gotham wouldn't need Batman, would it?

First is Harvey Dent (Billy Dee Williams), a name you might recognize as the District Attorney who will eventually become Two-Face. Here, he's only one face, but about all that face can say is "No comment."

Second is Police Commissioner James Gordon (Pat Hingle). He's a good guy in the sense that he's a cop in Gotham City who isn't corrupt. It's a low bar. It's Gordon who Batman trusts with the Bat Signal at the end of the film.

Finally, we have Mayor Borg (Lee Williams). Star Trek fans might be expecting this man to be a bad guy in disguise, but really, he's just a simple man who only wants a parade. If Batman were about him, the whole movie would be a boring bureaucratic drama about a man desperately trying to have a parade in a city consumed by crime.

Seriously. Check out the dude's plotline:

The Mayor…

  • Wants a parade.
  • Wants a parade.
  • Still wants a parade.
  • Cancels parade.

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