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Batman Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • It's a dark night illuminated only by yellow text that display dramatic words and phrases such as, "Michael Keaton" and "Batman" and "Pat Hingle."
  • Dramatic music plays as the camera pans around stony curves, pulling back to reveal the now-iconic Batman logo.
  • From there, we're transported to the neon delights of Gotham City.
  • A man tries to get a cab for himself, his wife, and child, but it's snatched out from under his nose by someone else.
  • Wandering aimlessly through the city, they end up in a seedy district where a prostitute makes a pass at the son, who can't be older than twelve.
  • The family, whose father is the worst ever at directions, wanders into a dark alley.
  • He's robbed at gunpoint and left unconscious on the pavement.
  • High above the city, a man dressed as a bat watches the events below.
  • The robbers go through the dad's possessions, finding an American Express card.
  • "Don't leave home without it," one says. Even Gotham City has been overrun with product placement.
  • One robber tells the other a legend of a bat who's been knocking off criminals.
  • Speak of the Bat-devil, the bat shows up behind them.
  • Batman frightens the men with his big bat-cape.
  • They shoot him, knocking him over, but he quickly gets up and roughs them up.
  • He tells one of the robbers to tell all his friends about Batman, then he glides away like Flying Squirrel Man.

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