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Batman Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • At a press conference, the press asks the DA if he believes Batman is an enforcer of justice.
  • Joker breaks his TV with a boxing glove, and complains that a man dressed up as a bat is taking all of the press that should belong to him—a man dressed as a clown.
  • At home, Alfred asks Bruce if he'll have Vicki Vale over again.
  • But Bruce is too occupied to think about dating. After seeing Joker, he knows that Jack Napier is still alive.
  • Meanwhile, Vicki calls Knox asking him to investigate the address where Bruce left the two roses.
  • In Joker's lair, Joker cuts out a picture of Vicki Vale. Who knew he was into scrapbooking?
  • Or maybe he's just putting her into his binder full of women. He vows that she will be his.

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