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Batman Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Despite the cosmetics scare, the mayor still wants to have a parade.
  • But what about the clowns?
  • Bruce gets a message from Vicki Vale about their upcoming meeting, even though he never scheduled one.
  • At Joker's lair, he's putting on his flesh-colored makeup for a night out on the town.
  • Vicki waits for Bruce at the art museum restaurant, but he doesn't show up.
  • In his place, a package with a festive bow. We hate surprises.
  • Vicki opens it and finds a gas mask with a note: PUT THIS ON RIGHT NOW.
  • Gas pours throw the vents, and Vicki quickly dons the mask.
  • Everyone falls over, some guests face first into their food. Dinner is ruined.
  • Joker and his crew of the whitest thugs ever show up, dance around to bad hip-hop music, and wreck the museum.
  • Once all the art is ruined, Joker dances over to Vicki's table.
  • He picks up her photography portfolio and calls all her pictures terrible.
  • Joker: negging women since 1989.
  • He introduces himself as a "homicidal artist" and he wants her to take pictures of his work.
  • The work is "Sugar Bumps," who's brought in by Joker's thugs.
  • Joker has her remove her mask, revealing her face, which is pale and scarred.
  • He also wants to know all Vicki knows about Batman.
  • When she won't give up the information, he tries to squirt her with acid from the flower on his lapel.
  • She runs.

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