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Batman Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Bruce goes into the Bat Cave of his mind, flashing back to the night his parents were killed.
  • Walking from the theater, dad reaches his hand into Bruce's bag and eats one kernel of popcorn. (One kernel. One. Who does that?)
  • Criminals, appalled at a man who eats only one kernel of popcorn, shoots both Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.
  • Her necklace breaks. Pearls and popcorn fall to the ground.
  • Bruce remembers what the killer said, "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"
  • Where else has he heard that? Hmm…
  • It was Jack, of course, and he runs away before shooting young Bruce. Big mistake.
  • Alfred brings Vicki into the Bat Cave, where Bruce out of costume.
  • Vicki thinks that she and Bruce have a special connection, not realizing that she'll never be in another Batman movie again.
  • But Bruce won't let her in to his personal Bat Cave, because the world is too dangerous with Joker at large.
  • Maybe when he's at small this relationship will work.

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