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Batman Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Bruce suits up in his Bat Suit for a Bat Battle with Joker.
  • He drives the Batmobile™ into Joker's factory and drops a Bat Bomb, blowing the place to Bat Smithereens.
  • Joker hovers above the carnage in a helicopter—which would be a Bat Copter if it were Batman's ride—and taunts Batman through a megaphone.
  • Downtown, Joker's parade begins through Gotham.
  • He stands on a flashy float with a silver throne atop it.
  • The citizens of Gotham gather round, eager for the henchman to throw stacks of cash into the crowd.
  • Joker showers them with bills. It's raining dead white men.
  • In his logo-spaced Batwing, Batman bat-swoops into downtown Gotham.
  • Using a remote with the longest antenna ever, Joker triggers a toxic gas to spill out over the city.
  • Vicki sees the gas spilling out of the balloon and she hides in the car.
  • Knox gets a mask and baseball bat from his trunk and starts swinging at Joker's mask-wearing thugs. Maybe this guy could audition for the part of Robin.
  • Vicki accidentally runs him over with her car. Maybe he's not fit for the role of Bat Sidekick.
  • Using his Batwing, Batman grabs all of Joker's balloons and carries them away from Gotham City.
  • He releases them into the atmosphere, which seems really irresponsible to the environment. That gas can't be good for the ozone layer.
  • On the ground, Joker, like a three-year-old, is furious that Batman stole his balloons. He shoots one of his own henchman in anger. That's quite the temper tantrum.

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