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Batman Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • In his Batwing, Batman swoops at Joker, firing at his henchman and floats.
  • With a gun possessing a barrel the size of his antenna from earlier, Joker shoots the Batwing and it crashes.
  • What is the Batwing made of? Aluminum foil painted black?
  • Vicki runs to the wreckage to check on Batman.
  • He's not in the cockpit.
  • With his crazy-big gun (overcompensate much?) Joker takes Vicki hostage and forces her into Gotham Cathedral.
  • Like a modern-day pasty-faced Quasimodo, Joker leads Vicki to the cathedral's bell tower.
  • Batman is halfway up the stairs by the time Vicki and Joker reach the top.
  • Joker uses acid to loosen the bell and drop it down the shaft, breaking all the stairs on the way down, except, conveniently, the ones Batman needs to get to the top.
  • Batman waltzes to the top and searches for Vicki and Joker.
  • They're dancing on the balcony, and by dancing, we mean Joker is dragging Vicki in circles against her will.
  • Batman battles Joker's henchman—how did they even get up there?—while Joker forces Vicki into his gross waltz, like the worst episode ever of Dancing with the Stars.

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